AA Fuel Card Benefits

The AA Fuel Card is available exclusively to AA Customers, with a guaranteed 4 cent off per litre at over 400 Circle K service stations nationwide. (*promotion to 30th April 2023). Easy to use and convenient, never again worry about carrying cash and save money every time you fill up.

Not all fuels are the same, and by using Circle K Efficient Fuels that contain a special additive, you can clean your engine as you go, reduce CO2 emissions and get up to 24km further per tank.

Fuel Card Benefits

AA Fuel Card Benefits

AA Ireland has teamed up with Circle K to provide this unique fuel card as part of the AA Rewards programme.
The AA Fuel Card guarantees 4 cent per litre off the pump price for both Petrol and Diesel at all Circle K service stations in the Republic of Ireland.
Its FREE to AA Customers and so easy to use, just swipe your card to purchase your fuel and save 4 cent per litre every time. (*promotion to 30th April 2023).

How do I apply?

Simply fill in the online application form with your valid AA Membership number and direct debit details.

Convenient Payment by Fortnightly Direct Debit

Keeping an eye on your savings couldn’t be easier, we will keep you updated by email.
This means that your fuel bill is easily recognised on your bank statement and there is no need for cash or credit cards at the petrol station.

E-Billing and Interest Free Credit

AA Fuel Card holders will receive their invoices by email on a regular basis through e-billing. Your e-statement will clearly show your savings, while all your purchases will be paid conveniently by direct debit. Your monthly fuel spend is also entirely interest free.

Valid at any of the 444 Circle K stations in the Republic of Ireland

With 444 locations available in the Republic of Ireland there’s sure to be a Circle K station near you. You can see all the available locations by clicking here.

No Government Tax

Because the AA Fuel Card is not a credit card it does not attract any government tax.

Online Data

As an AA Fuel Card customer you can take advantage of our online system that allows you to view all your transactions as well as all your previous invoices.
Details such as how much fuel you bought, where you bought it and what price you paid can all be viewed at the touch of a button.